We had a chance to talk to some great students this past Tuesday, from Ms. Pennington's Journalism Class from Hooks Junior High.

The class got a first-hand look at how our stations are run and also found out how much it takes to keep these 5 radio stations on the air each day.

Wes giving the grand tour - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD

They had no idea we broadcast from closet-sized control rooms but they found out as they squeezed around the building peeking in each studio and office. They also found out what all the crazy buttons and switches do in each of our studios.

On Air Light - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD

I was very fortunate as I was tasked with leading this group of kids around our 5 stations and giving them the grand tour, they got a chance to meet everyone here including Jim and Lisa from our sister station Kicker 102-5.

Jim, Lisa and Wes and the Crew got silly - Claire Pennington Hooks ISD 2