Here are five cool things you can do in town this weekend. With it feeling like summer maybe a trip to a water park to cool off may be in your weekend plans.

1. Great live music in Texarkana. Its gonna be a rocking weekend in Texarkana and The Randy Rogers Band plays tonight at Scottie's.

2. There is a great way to cool off for free at the Splash Pad at Spring Lake Park. Or how about a small road trip to one of these water parks?.

3. How about checking out the 'Bringle Lake Art Project'? It is a major renovation of one of my favorite places.

 4. Do you know there is a vineyard in Atlanta, Texas? O'Farrell County Vineyards has a wonderful Saturday for you to enjoy including some live music.

5. Did you know about the Texarkana Twins baseball team? They are playing tonight at Spring Lake Park.