It is May already well Saturday is the first of May. Well with a rainy forecast here are 5 things you can do this weekend in and around the Texarkana area.

1. Live music in Texarkana. Country Music star Clay Walker is playing this weekend in Texarkana to help with the Crossties grand opening.

2. The Texarkana Famer's Market. The Farmer's Market on the Texas side opens this Saturday with plenty to see and buy.

3. Here are 5 places you can find a great cheap lunch. Looking for someplace to go for lunch this weekend? This story has five of the cheapest in Texarkana.

4. The Walk For Life. The Walk For Life is happening on Saturday at Spring Lake Park see all of the details and how you can register here.

5. If you are planning on doing something this weekend make sure you are being safe with your money. This story about carrying cash or cards may help keep your money safe.

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