You have a chance to check out the classic movie "The Sting" in the classic themed "Banana Club" in historic downtown Texarkana.

This weekend you can experience a trip back in time with the classic movie "The Sting" as you watch his classic movie in the historic speakeasy "The 1923 Banana Club."  I did a story on the opening of this unique night spot and you can see all of the wonderful features of the club in the story.

Here are the details of this weekend's movie that is being presented by the Texarkana Museum Systems.

Join the Texarkana Museums System in watching the classic film, The Sting, at the 1923 Banana Club downtown while enjoying a delicious catered meal by Chappos.

The movie "The Sting" was originally released in 1973 and was a 7 time Academy award winner. Here is what the Internet Movie Database had to say about "The Sting":

Two grifters team up to pull off the ultimate con.

You can check out the trailer for "The Sting".

The "1923 Banana Club" is Texarkan's newest nightspot and is located in the basement of the 1894 building in downtown Texarkana. The club is owned by David Peavey and he has a few downtown projects going on downtown Texarkana  This is what he had to say about this truly unique nightspot.

The inspiration for the speakeasy came from the way it looked when they first started work. The art deco style was showing in the original basement's look and they went with it. The goal is for you to feel like you went back in time. David said he wants 'people who walk through these doors to feel cooler than before they walked in.

Tickets can be purchased here. The event starts at 6 PM on Thursday. The 1923 Banana Club is located at 223 Front Street in Texarkana Arkansas.

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