As much as Christmas music is a part of my family's holiday traditions, Christmas movies are just as big a part of getting everyone onto the holiday spirit. With so many Christmas movies out there what is the most popular in our area namely Arkansas?

If you look at the most popular Christmas movies are in the United States all the usual suspects make the list. Using data from searches of the most popular Christmas movies and Preply put together the list.

In the United States, The top three Christmas movies are.


The Grinch from 2018

Home Alone

In our area, the most popular Christmas movie in Arkansas and Texas is "The Polar Express".

My kids just love this movie it even is shown at the school with a themed party where the kids get to wear their PJs to the school. They even serve hot chocolate just like in the movie.

Here is where it gets weird. In Oklahoma, the most popular movie is "Edward Scissorhands".

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Is it on our list?

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