You can see the hit Broadway musical adapted for the screen "In The Heights" on Saturday at 7:00 pm at Hempstead Hall in Hope Arkansas.

All you need to do is come to the University of Arkansas Hope Campus to see the movie. It will be set up in the main hall.  You just need to follow the signs on campus. Here is the trailer for "In The Heights".

Due to all of the current situation with COVID-19, coronavirus the following cautions will be enforced. This is the current policy in regards to COVID.

Effective immediately: the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees has approved a Delta Face Mask Resolution. Masks will be required inside all buildings on the UAHT campuses, including Hempstead Hall. Social distancing protocols will be in place when possible; however, there will be areas, such as the theater, where this is not possible at all times.

If you are not familiar with the movie "In The Heights". here is the general plot for the IMDb website:

A film version of the Broadway musical in which Usnavi, a sympathetic New York bodega owner, saves every penny every day as he imagines and sings about a better life.

Tickets: Admission is just $4. You can find out more about the movie and if you are interested in renting out the hall. Please contact (870) 722-8565

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