According to the weather forecast Texarkana had a 30% chance of rain last night. At my house it was 100 percent chance of hail! Last night as we were sitting in the living room watching tv, the rain outside got harder and harder, and then it happened. I heard the sound of small hail hitting the roof, then the windows. I put on the brave face as my son was getting a little upset because of all of the noise. After a few minutes the hail got louder and louder, I decide to peek out the window for a look. Here is a picture of the hail at my house. I also took a little video too. In the picture and the video you can see how much hail we had by what is stacked up on the table. If you look closely you will see that the water in my back yard is getting pretty deep . It was almost up to my back door and you can see the 'no float' mulch floating away from my flower beds in the backyard as well.


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