With Valentines day just around the corner, the ever pressing question of where are you going to take your date is almost as big of a question of do you give them flowers or chocolate. I want to highlight three local eateries that may be the place to take your date on a romantic valentines day dinner.

Timothy's Grill in Texarkana is know for great atmosphere and a menu second to none. From appetizers like the Thai Lettuce Wraps, or the Fried Oyster Nachos, you can't go wrong. For the main course if you are a seafood lover the Red Fish Ponchatrain with wild mushrooms, crab, and Hollandaise may be your ticket, or maybe a Grilled Flat Iron Steak may be your thing. With Parmesan Truffle Fries, this may be hard to beat. Timothy's is famous for its Duck pizza, with roast duck smoked bacon and jalapeno it is truly a taste that has to be experienced. To finish it off Creme Brulee or a Chocolate Molten cake may be the thing to tickle your sweet tooth.


Park Place is a dining experience you will not soon forget, from the tasty appetizers like Oyster Rockefeller, to the Maryland crab cakes are a perfect start to a wonderful meal. For the main dishes there is no greater variety from the Brocette of Beef Ponchatrain, a sword of beef tips, shrimp scampy, mushroom caps, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and Burgandy marinade all served on a bed of rice pilaf, to the New Orleans Style Cajun Crepes, with lobster and crab meat, topped with a sauce filled with scallions shrimp and mushrooms. To finish off this fine dinner what could be better than a classic Chocolate Mousse.

Cattleman's restaurant has been a staple of the Texarkana fine dining scene since. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very cozy so you and your date will have a little privacy.

Cattleman's has a wide selection on their menu from the great seafood like the stuffed shrimp to their famous prime rib. The house garlic dressing is something you can eat on anything from crackers, to their croutons. The clam chowder that is included with their meals is a meal in itself, and my personal favorite is the twice baked potato. Make sure to get extra jalapeno cornbread, a perfect accompaniment to the chowder.

I have not had a chance to sample the desserts, since the meal is so large it hardly leaves room for desert.

This is just a small sample of the fine dining available to us in Texarkana. With all of the new restaurants that we have to sample from, you really can't go wrong, but these selections highlight some of the best that Texarkana has to offer.