Muttley Crew Rescue

Adorable Puppy Photos and Videos — Feel Good Moments of the Day
I enjoy many parts of my day but it is hard to imagine it much better than spending an afternoon smelling puppy breath and cuddling with puppies!
I recently rescued a pregnant dog from the local animal shelter. In just two short weeks she went into labor. As she was having the babies I kept thinking …
Dog Adoption Event on Saturday at Petsmart
Muttley Crew Rescue will host a dog adoption event this Saturday, August 3, at PetSmart in Texarkana. The event is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Four other rescue groups will also attend this event so there will be many different breeds to choose from small to large.
Local 10-Year Old Author Has Book Signing on Saturday
Haylee Wren is a 10-year old from Texarkana and she has a very special talent for writing. Haylee has contributed several of her favorite stories to Writers Among Us, a book that is a collection of short stories with many local authors.
Combining Haylee's talent of writing and her love of animals, Ha…
Bake Sale on Saturday – Help The Dog Rescues
Bake a cake for the sale or come and buy a cake. The bake sale is Saturday, September 8, beginning at 8 a.m. at the corner of Pecos and Brazos in Texarkana, Texas. All proceeds will benefit the dog rescues participating in the event.
Another Dog Rescued, Two Others Still Need Homes
This is my last dog to be rescued in 2011. I run a German Shepherd rescue called Muttley Crew Rescue. You can check out my animals on my website. I've named this guy "Samson."
Bless his heart, he was wondering around on South Stateline in Texarkana. I had several calls, text me…