This is my last dog to be rescued in 2011. I run a German Shepherd rescue called Muttley Crew Rescue. You can check out my animals on my website. I've named this guy "Samson."

Bless his heart, he was wondering around on South Stateline in Texarkana. I had several calls, text messages, Facebook messages and emails about him before I was able to get over and pick him up.

Poor Samson looked like something the cat wouldn't even drag up, and smelled about the same. He is missing so much hair that everyone thought he had mange.

Turns out he is heartworm free, does not have any mange or any other issues except he needs some hair! Samson is now neutered and up to date on shots. Once he learns some basic manners and grows hair, he will be ready to go to a new home. He will be with me for a while.

I have two other great dogs looking for homes too.

Katy is a great, energetic dog that learns new tricks very quick. She comes with a leash, collar and a small bag of dog food.

Katy is FREE TO GOOD HOME. She is house trained, great on a leash, good protector and very loving to her people.

Check out her video. She loves to get on this bail of hay and watch over the place.

Madeline is only about 1 year old. She loves other dogs and likes to play fetch. Madeline is house trained. She sleeps inside and likes her days outside to romp and play.

I actually even have a cat up for adoption. That's pretty funny since I am allergic!

If you are interested in a Muttley Crew pet, send me an email to