This is what was happening at my house when I got home from work yesterday! This sweet momma dog was a stray in Texarkana that was hiding under an elderly lady's house. Now she is a brand new momma dog!

I have named her Kari for no particular reason other than she looked at me when I said that name. I had ran through several possibilities. I let her pick which one she liked the best. Kari is such a sweet girl. I am guessing she is two years old or less and I bet this is her first litter of puppies. It will be her last too. Once she has weaned these babies she will be spayed and rehomed where she can be an inside dog as she really likes to lay on doggie beds and soak up the air conditioning. I was not planning to pick up a dog the week I got her so it took me a bit to make room for her in my dog building. She acted like she knew what the building was and cried until I moved her in.

I'm not sure who the daddy dog was and only time will tell on what kind of breed they are mixed with. There are seven boys and one girl. That is pretty odd, I've never had such a litter with so many males and only one female. The smallest pup weighs about one pound.

Right now they are pretty easy to care for since Kari will do all of the work. When they get older and start romping around I'm sure I will be ready to pull my hair out. They will all be fixed once they are eight weeks old and hopefully they will all go to new homes then. If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out an application online at Muttley Crew Rescue.