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Provide A Pet A Pad Presents The Magnificent Midnight
UPDATED: Midnight is a two-year-old miniature schnauzer that was featured on our Tuesday's Provide a Pet a Pad program on Power 95.9. The good news is he has been adopted! He was found roaming Texarkana in May and is now headed to a new home to live with his forever family.
Pet of The Week — Cowboy Needs a Home [PHOTOS]
Cowboy is a Heeler mix that is approximately 3 years old. He has a docked tail and looks like he could have a little Rotty mixed in too. He was more interested in the kids than he was the ball that I kept throwing for him so I asked the kids to be in the photos too.
Cowboy will need to be neutered wh…
Shelter Dog Lost Her Owner and Now Needs a New Home [PHOTOS]
Gina is a very smart dog. She knows how to sit, shake, lay down and walks great on a leash. She is house-trained too! Gina is spayed and I believe she may have a micro-chip as well. She has been the faithful companion of her owner for 6 years but he recently passed away. Now Gina finds herself at th…
Please Help This Shelter Dog Find a New Home [PHOTOS]
Maggie is a gorgeous one and a half year old Great Dane/Pitt. She is already spayed and is current on vaccinations. She was just surrendered to the shelter on Monday because the owner had something come up and couldn't care for her anymore. Maggie is good on a leash. She is also good with other dogs…
Rotty-Shepherd in Danger of Being Put to Sleep! [PHOTOS]
Bobby was our May 14, 2013 dog for Provide a Pet a Pad on Power 95.9. He has SO much potential but unfortunately, after weeks of being confined and bullied, he has developed a strong dislike for his kennel mate and has started fighting with him. There is not enough room at the shelter for Bobby to b…
Pet of The Week — Help Daisy Find a New Home [PHOTOS]
Daisy is a very sweet Basset Hound. She is 2 years old and already spayed. She is house-trained too. Her owners had to downsize and the home they moved to would not allow dogs so Daisy is now looking for a new family to take her in. Daisy appears to be good with children too. She longs for a family …
Pet of The Week — Help Find a Home For Hope [PHOTOS]
Hope is a little over one year old. She is a chihuahua with a lot of personality. Friendly and playful. Hope is good with children. She is adorable and fun.
Hope is good with other dogs but she wants to be the boss so only homes with submissive dogs would be recommended.
Pet of The Week — Terrier Named Bonita Needs Good Home [PHOTOS]
Bonita is the sweetest dog. She is probably almost two years old and weighs around 15 pounds. She is a just-the-right-size lap dog. She loves to be carried and curls around your hand to fit perfectly.
When we went outside and she was a lot of fun. She is super fast too. Her tail curls so cute over he…
Pet of The Week — Mastiff Needs Good Home [PHOTOS]
Legend is a two year old mastiff mix. He is a big, sweet, loveable dog. He is very playful and will need a yard to romp. Legend is a manly-man's dog. He likes to play yet he also seems to have a gentle side for children. He weighs approximately 80 pounds.

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