The has been a lot of talk at the station about this years 'Sparks in The Park' and the trouble we will have with parking, and traffic.

After a little conversation with the powers that be, I decided it would be a good idea to show you what they have planned to do with the traffic situation with the event and the fact that there is a lot of road construction. Here is the map and the details.

In the hours leading up to the show pepole will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds  on U of A way onto Fair Park Road, or if you are a vendor or band you can use 46th street and the south entrance.  50th street will only be used for emergency vehicles, so make sure to use U of A way just south of the Interstate. After the Show all three streets will be used to get traffic out. I have pinned the entrances with green pins on the map, and red will be for the exits after the show.