4th of july

The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever? [VIDEO]
With the disappointment of the annual "Sparks in the Park show" being cancelled I looked on my phone for some of the other firework shows going on and found a video that made me feel better about the show being cancelled and I thought I would share it with you.
Why Americans Celebrate the 4th of July [VIDEO]
Today is Independence Day. Americans will be celebrating this mid-summer holiday at the lakes, in the pool, in the backyard with friends cooking out or just relaxing on vacation watching a fireworks show. But do you really know what you are celebrating?
Hot Wheels and Cool Rides Cars Show
The 1st annual Hot Wheels and Cool Rides Car Show is set for July 2nd at the Sparks in the Park fireworks show. The show is open to cars an motorcyles and you can compete in the hydraulic contest, the crank it up contest, and the Stateline Sunset Cruise...