Is This The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever?
Fireworks are a big deal here in Texarkana with the annual 'Sparks in the Park' show that usually lasts about 20 minutes, but this show from San Diego lasted a whopping 15 seconds.
Tips on What to Bring to Sparks in the Park
Sparks in the Park is Saturday, June 24, at the Four States Fairgrounds in Texarkana. Gates open at 4PM. There are many activities planned and we want you to be prepared for all of the fun.
Fireworks and Pets — Keep Your Pets Safe This Fourth of July
Fireworks on the Fourth of July can be a lot of fun for us but it is a nightmare for our pets. The noise and excitement of the holiday can stress your pets out. All of the popping noises, light flashes and smells make many pets run away from home because they are trying to get away from all of the c…
The Shortest Fireworks Show Ever? [VIDEO]
With the disappointment of the annual "Sparks in the Park show" being cancelled I looked on my phone for some of the other firework shows going on and found a video that made me feel better about the show being cancelled and I thought I would share it with you.
Tips for Photographing Fireworks
I love taking photos of everything, but one thing in particular that is hard to capture in real time is fireworks. Where you are sitting has a lot to do with it, so do a few other factors. These four tips will definitely help you out this weekend at Sparks in the Park.

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