Romeo is a Chinese Crested Dog that is from the local animal shelter. He is about 2 years old. He needs a new home. Would you believe he was running loose on the streets of Texarkana?

An extremely rare breed. The Chinese Crested Dogs are active. They do well in apartment living but will need a daily walk. Make sure you lather him up with sunscreen though! Chinese Crested dogs are not big barkers.

Because of their hairless-ness, they should wear a sweater in the winter. Life span for the Chinese Crested dogs is between 10 and 12 years. They do not have a doggie order and are not prone to fleas. They originated in Africa where they were called African Hairless Terriers and used on ships to hunt for vermin. Check out more information about this breed from

Romeo is a resident of the Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, Arkansas. The shelter is open to the public Monday through Saturday, 10AM to 5PM. Their phone number is 870-773-6388. Directions:

Every Tuesday we have a dog in our Power 95.9 Studios from the local animal shelter in hopes of finding it a new home. It is always a dog because we (Wes and Mimi) are allergic to cats.

Our local shelter has over 100 dogs and over 30 cats available for adoption. There are many more animals located in the holding areas that are either waiting for their owners to reclaim them or hoping for a spot on the adoption floor to open. There were only a few adoptions last week which means there were a lot of animals that had to be euthanized. Adoption fees are $40 for dogs and $20 for cats. All shelter animals must be spayed or neutered after they are adopted, if not before. To see more of the adoptable animals visit the shelter at 203 Harrison in Texarkana, Arkansas or check out their website at

Did you know that one unspayed dog and her offspring, can reproduce over 65,000 dogs in just six years. You do not have to wait until your pet is 6 months old to get them fixed. Pediatric spay and neuter is available in Texarkana.

Other facts you probably do not know (from

  • Every day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in this country while only 10,000 people are born. It’s simple math – there just aren’t enough homes for all of these animals.
  • Every year 10-12 million animals are euthanized in shelters.
  • On average, 64% of all animals taken into shelters nationwide have to be euthanized for lack of available homes.
  • At least 50% of the overpopulation problem is non-neutered males. Females can’t do it alone. Purebreds account for 30% of all the animals in shelters. “Papers” don’t mean an animal should be bred.
  • For every home you find for an animal that you have bred, a home is lost for a shelter animal.
  • Breeding to see the miracle of birth demands that you also see the tragic results: Visit a shelter.
  • Animal overpopulation has reached a crisis point in this country.
  • You personally can make a difference by spaying or neutering your pet. It is the single most important thing you can do to prevent animal cruelty!

Please spay and neuter your animals--you will help save many lives. I did not fully understand how important spaying and neutering is until I visited our local shelter. You should do the same.