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Here is a brief summary of what happened last week that caused Hunter Suggitt to be sent home from school. Komen Texarkana asked everyone to wear pink on Friday, October 12 to show your support for breast cancer awareness. According to Komen Texarkana, Pink Out Day events were planned for each of the four main high schools in Texarkana. Arkansas High officials announced the Pink Out Day over the PA system on Thursday afternoon and asked students to wear pink on Friday.

Hunter is a 16 year old sophomore at Arkansas High. Hunter lost his mom to cancer in 2008 so it was a given that he would deck out in pink on Friday in honor of his mom. He wore pink socks, a pink shirt, pink scarf and a pink bandana on his head. School officials asked him to remove the bandana from his head or he would be sent home. He refused and left.

Here is the school policy:

Texarkana Arkansas School District Policy Handbook/tasd7.net

The policy also states that prior approval for special events is possible.

Texarkana Arkansas School District/TASD7.net