Sometimes the smallest blessings are what we are most thankful for, as Townsquare Media's Miranda Morris-Bisbee relates.

I am thankful that God has given me two healthy children.  I watch some of my close friends deal with a sick child on a daily basis (from leukemia to other life-long diseases) and as a parent I can’t imagine how hard that must be.  The strength they have to endure watching their babies go through things they can’t fix.  It is heartbreaking. I am truly blessed and very grateful."

About Miranda Morris-Bisbee

Miranda Morris-Bisbee is an account executive for Townsquare Media. She graduated UCA with a bachelor's degree in speech and theatre arts. She served as program director for FOX 16 and UPN 38 (now CW) in Little Rock for seven years, then worked for UAMS for seven years until her children both started school and she decided to return to media. She doesn't get a chance to read much so she listens to all of her books through Audible and her favorite authors are Harlen Coben and James Patterson. She works all day and does homework with my children at night. Her son is in Jiu Jitsu at Texarkana JJ two nights a week and her daughter does kids yoga at Bimini one night a week. Miranda is also the communications director for the Genoa Central PTO where both of her children attend school.