Once a year my husband and I have a task on the To-Do List that isn't much fun but it has to be done: hauling hay. And that time is just about to roll around again. Oh joy!

It is a dusty, hot job. Do you know anyone that hauls hay for cheap and stacks it in the barn???

At one point we had three horses and hauling hay was a much bigger project that required two trips to the hay field. Now with just one horse, the task is much easier.

It seems like a job that gets harder each year. Is it me or does it seem to get hotter every year? The trips to the hay field used to involve a lot of beer and a little water. Now days there is less beer and more sports drinks. I can remember unloading and stacking 100 bails by myself. Too many days on the couch watching TV and now I struggle to move ten bails!

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be at work when the hay was ready to be picked up so my hubby got a buddy to help get it out of the field and stack it in the barn. This was his first trip to the field without me. Not that I am an expert by any means but I have a few years experience and I usually get help from the guys in the field but since xxxxx

We managed to get this year's hay hauling done without much fuss. Time to celebrate -- 364 days to go until the next load!