The Texarkana Texas City Council met Monday evening and it was on the agenda to discuss plans for the restoration of the Hotel Grim. Every single council person voted yes to try to save the historic building in downtown Texarkana.

Texarkana, Texas, City Council members voted unanimously to approve the application by Sari & Co. for new market credits and approved a commitment of project funding in the form of a loan to be used for the Hotel Grim's redevelopment.

From the agenda,

the redevelopment of the Hotel Grim into market rate housing, and retail space would place a declining property back on the tax roll. The redevelopment is anticipated to be $11 million and would create temporary construction jobs as well as personal employment opportunities. It is anticipated that the project, when fully developed. would generate sales and possibly hotel/motel taxes.”

When the votes were taken to approve the item, the crowd in attendance stood and cheered!