It seems like more and more people are dumping their significant others via text or e mail.


MocoSpace, a mobile social network, conducted a poll of 10,000 users about their social habits, like networking and dating. They found some interesting,and possibly disturbing  trends emerging in the world of mobile love.  Here are some of the facts, courtesy of our friends at

  • 45-percent of those surveyed have used their mobile to end a relationship (mostly by text).
  • Men are more likely to end a relationship via text.
  • 73-percent say their cell phone is the most important device in their life.
  • 34-percent admit to flirting via text while on an actual date.

First of all, the term relationship is used very loosely in  this survey. Anyone with an ounce of class would not end a meaningful relationship via text message. As for text-flirting on a date, if you want to act like you're in middle school, fine, but don't blame anyone but yourself when the seemingly bottomless well of potential mates dries up.

Before you lost all faith in humanity, remember that these people belong to a mobile social network. Still, it's frightening stuff.