Provide a Pet a Pad Tuesday

Provide a Pet a Pad for a Cat [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
Dumbo is a male Ragdoll mix. He is a lover and not a fighter. This guy will do anything to get into your lap or have you pet him. He might even follow you around like a dog just so you will love on him!
Provide a Pet a Pad for Hoss [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Hoss is a bundle of fun. He is a Brindle Boxer Mix who loves to romp and enjoys affection. He comes when called. His personality is joyful. When he runs he is super fast! He could be your best bud.
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Cat Named Romeo [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]
This male Chartreux mix has his cat routine down. He's slick and cool except for when it comes to jumping up on window sills (watch the video for that)! But this guy did not get his name for just being good at being a cat. Romeo loves his humans. He wants attention, affection and affirmation wheneve…
Provide a Pet a Pad for a Super Calm & Sweet Dog [PHOTOS/VIDEO]
Leisel is a beautiful female lab mix that is at our animal shelter in Texarkana. She walks fantastic on a leash--as if she has had a lot of training. She is a very calm dog to be so young. Her estimated age is two years old. She would make an excellent friend and companion! She does not bark--a very…

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