Sending your kid to school with a brown bag lunch is something that many of us do. Our parents sent us to school with a lunch bag and now we are doing the same. There is a problem though. It could be hazardous to our child's health to eat that sandwich by the time lunch rolls around.

According to a new study, many school lunches packed at home may reach unsafe temperatures by the time a child eats -- and can cause foodborne illnesses, which are particularly rough for preschool-aged kids.

Researchers at the University of Texas found that more than 90 percent of lunches were at an unacceptable temperature at lunchtime even the ones that were in an insulated bag with an ice pack. Oh no! We do that all the time. They suggest sending fruit or peanut butter since it isn't necessary to be kept at a proper temperature. Guess it is time to change the plan for lunches this school year. I guess there is always the cafeteria lunch.