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Service Dogs – What Everyone Needs to Know
Service dogs are a hot topic. More and more people are finding there are great benefits in using a service dog. Because of this, we are seeing more and more service dogs in public places which brings up a lot of questions of how to deal with dogs in public places and how to spot the fakers.
Worst Baby Names Given to Newborns Last Year
The latest list of crazy baby names is out. Last year, a lot of parents named their newborns some of the worst names yet. Do you really want that sweet baby boy to go through life with the name Swastik? And is it really a good idea to call your innocent daughter Lay? That's exactly what some pa…
What Will You do with Your Tax Refund?
According to reports, the average tax refund this year is $2,815. That’s good news for a lot of people. If you are one of the lucky ones, how will people spend your extra cash?
Turning The Clock Back and Forward – Are You a Fan? [POLL]
Are you a fan of springing forward by one hour every year only to turn back time eight months later? This past weekend we changed time yet again, depriving our bodies of sleep and forcing all of our internal schedules into an alteration that can take weeks to recover from. Did you know there is a mo…
A Sneak Peak at Apple’s iPhone 6 Possibilities and iWatch
Apple is expected to make a major announcement today about what they have in store for new products. Read on to get a sneak peak to what the details could be and how they will make our lives better (or not better depending on your stance). What is a "phablet"?

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