What could it possibly be that women think about 43 times a day? We had guesses of whats for dinner, chocolate, looks, kids and sex. It was our Impossible Trivia question on Wednesday morning shortly after 7 a.m.

Kelly Buster - Won Lunch from Hot Tails Crawfish

Congratulations to Kelly Buster! She won lunch from Hot Tails Crawfish because she knew it was hair.

Every weekday morning we giveaway lunch from Hot Tails Crawfish to the winner of our Impossible Trivia. Join in by listening to Power 95-9 on your FM dial, through our Listen Live icon on our website or on your mobile device through RadioPup.

Click here to listen to the Hot Tails Crawfish commercial. It is such a cool commercial. I helped write it, well, actually I changed one word from 'backyard' to 'mouth' but that's helping right?