When do you take down the Christmas tree and all of your Christmas decorations?

Did you know that there are certain days to take down your tree for good luck? A story I found on She Knows has this to say about your Christmas decorations and when is the best time to take them down.

If you take down all of your Christmas decorations and tree own before midnight on New Year's Eve it is good luck. If not they say you may be bringing all of your bad luck and problems from the previous year with you.

If you take down all of your Christmas decorations by January 5th you are following the traditional 12 days of Christmas tradition. And are getting your official closure of the holiday season.

Now, this is something that I saw on social media that I found fascinating. If you wait until January the 6th to take down your tree and decorations you are observing 'Epiphany' a Christian belief in marking when God was seen in human form in Jesus.

So regardless of when you take your Christmas tree down keep these days in mind so that we can send 2020 off and begin 2021 on the right foot.

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