The blog 'Esately' did some research on what people searched for more than any other state and the results are pretty scary.

Here are the highlights from our area.

Texas: Are dinosaurs real?, Are zombies real?, The Bill of Rights, Boogers, Calf Implants Can dogs talk?, Chupacrabra, Curves International (company), Do I have herpes?,Does beer make you fat?, Government Mind Control, How to cook meth?, How to sell your soul to the Devil?, Justin Bieber (singer), Krunk, Meth Recipes, Porn, Purple Drank, Rodeo, Snake Bites, Tacos.

Analysis: Texas asks a lot of questions, has a worrisome level of interest in crystal meth, and probably a sore that should be looked at by doctor, but the Lone Star State also has a boatload of tacos. So many delicious tacos.

Arkansas: Atkins Diet, End of Days, Lap Band Surgery, Learn to Read, Walmart Jobs.

Analysis: In 2013, Arkansas was declared the most obese state in America, and evidently they did something about it because in 2014 they’re now the second most obese.

Louisiana: Alligator Hunting, Channing Tatum, “Golden Girls” (TV show) ,Paternity Test, Pope Francis.

Analysis: Channing Tatum is the child’s real father!!

Okalhoma Atheism, Benghazi, Miley Cyrus, Noodling, Obama Muslim, Pat Robertson, PT Cruiser.

Analysis: For anyone looking to make a coffee table book of anti-Obama stickers on the bumpers of PT Cruiser, the state to do it is Oklahoma.

to read more about all 50 states go here.