Estately blog developed a study last year and discovered what people in every state Googled more than anything else last year.

There were lots of searches about dead celebrities and the election. California led searches for "2016 worst year ever?"

But what about Maine?

Main Googled Gwen Ifill, a journalist who passed in 2016, second up was Aleppo, a major city in Syria, and "Sausage Party," a cartoon film in 2016.

Celebrities who died this year were a big search for many states. So many big names left us this year, Prince, Florence Henderson, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie . . . Gene Wilder.
That’s interesting because what Texarkana Googled more in 2016 is a little interesting since we sit on a state line.

Texas Googled Juan Gabriel.

Billboard Latin Music Awards - Show
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For those who don't know, Gabriel was a Mexican singer and songwriter and is among the best-selling Latin American artists of all time. The Dallas Police Shootings came in second.

Arkansas Googled Kobe Bryant retirement.

WSJ.D LIVE After Dark
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Kobe Bryant retired from a 20-year career from the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team. He is also in the record books for the longest career with one team and is a 12-time all star. Day of Rage was second, which was a day of scheduled protest.

I just knew that we would be on the list for hunting or even Arkansas Razorback related searches.

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