What was your first concert, and who did you go with? We asked that question on Facebook and we received some pretty wild answers.

My first concert was a long time ago and it was pretty wild. As a young kid of only 7 I went with my cousin toe a Kiss concert. It was in the fall and it was so loud I don't remember much more. It was a pretty big shocker to see the guys from Kiss in all of their makeup. My cousin Mark was really into them and I remember the punch out gun that was in the album notes.
I have enjoyed a lot of shows from Pat Green, to Metallica, but that first taste of pure rock n roll excess is a heck of a way to get into concerts.

Check out our listeners responses they are pretty varied as well. Who remembers the Loverboy show in Texarkana? It was the summer of 1986 an it was a pretty wild show. The last big rock concert was the 3 Doors down show that they were with the Tracy Lawrence Homecoming concert. It was a great show and probably the best show I have ever heard in the Four States Fairgrounds.


What Was Your First Concert?

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