An ode to Justin Bieber. By yours truly of course.

I'd like to be, everything you want. Hey boy let me talk to you. If you were my boyfriend, I'd never let you go. Keep you on my arm boy, you'd never be alone...

But really, who wouldn't want to be Justin's new lady? I know plenty of Beliebers out there that would.

One thing I have always wondered about the Biebs though is can he even walk in those silly pants that he wears? Clearly they must be great for dancing and movement but they really just make me laugh. And think of MC Hammer.

Stop. Hammer-time:

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Now that we've all giggled a bit, you should know that Bieber is actually really talented. I don't care if you don't like him or if you think he handles the press poorly or whatever. His music sells and is super catchy! If you don't believe me you can take it up with my little sister. She will win. I have warned you.

You can enter to win the Justin Bieber Flyaway contest here! The contest isn't open much longer and you wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to see him in D.C.!

If you are looking for the real song featured in my ode from above, I've gone ahead and attached the real thing for you.Or you could just skip that and watch Bieber's funniest moments from 2012. Your choice.