If you are like me and my family you are looking for ways to save a couple of dollars here and there. But what things will you never buy off-brand?

We have made a few adjustments like cutting the cord om my DirectTV but the biggest change has been in our groceries. We are using the WalMart pickup service and it is pretty awesome, but there is one area that has been hit or miss for us.

When you order your groceries through the app you can see all of the WalMart brand options for some of the stuff you use. From Ketchup to Salad dressing, or even the chicken nuggets for my little girl there are tons of low-cost options for you to choose from.

On the Power 95-9 Facebook page, I asked what things will you never but off-brand? Elizabeth, Lauren, and Megan said toilet paper was a no go, while Rhonda and Beverly Ann said it has to be name brand mac-and-cheese. Speaking of cheese it was one of the most mentioned items that people would not compromise on, they are pretty loyal to their name-brand cheese.

For my family the chicken nuggets better be Tyson, and the Ketchup needs to be the Whataburger brand for sure. And of course like most folks who commented you just can't skimp on your laundry detergent.

What things will you never buy off-brand? Let us know in the comments.

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