I wanted to know what Texarkana businesses we need to bring back and I wanted your input. So I put it on our Facebook Page for you to let us know what business we need to revive.

From family-friendly businesses to some of the old-time favorites the answers to our question had some of our favorites to some businesses that we completely forgot about.

Blake wants a little more entertainment and some variety in the places we can go out and enjoy a meal.

Pat is talking about what we all need on the Arkansas side. We do need more businesses or and existing businesses like Cooper Tire to expand and help provide more good-paying jobs.

Kenzie is on the right track. I wish we could get a skating rik back here in Texarkana. I grew up at Skate America and the Summerhill skating rink. We have talked about Dave and Buster's and unfortunately, they do not go into towns this small.

Tawnie is talking about Kids Playland which was mentioned in multiple comments. I cannot remember this place at all. Maybe someone can help me on this one.

Randy is mentioning some of my all-time favorites. La Carretta/s was on the corner of Satteline and Arknasas Blvd. Dan the manager was so good to us every time we were there. When Brangus was on the corner of Jefferson and Arkansas Blvd it had the best Chicken Fried Steak.

Eunice has stumped me with her comment. I do not remember a Kroger being here. but I have been told it was around in the early 70s. Peking Chinese was on Broad Street and had the wildest decor. And Shark's Pizza is another one I cannot remember.

Randy is all about the classic Texarkana restaurants. CJ's was the spot for some great seafood it was where the T mobile store is now on Summerhill. La Casa Rosa was the pink place on Stateline., The owner is still cooking on occasion and will do special orders for you. And Bryce's was a Texarkana Institution.

Susan wraps it up with one of my all-time favorite places to go. Monjuni's actually had two different locations during its time here. On New Boston Road where the Chillango's is now, and it also had a location in the building where The Twisted Fork is now.

Is there any other business you would like to bring back? Let us know in the comments.

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