I was driving to lunch today and saw the empty Hawkin's Grill spot. I remembered when it was Johnny Carino's This was once one of my favorite spots and I also remember all of the great dates I went on with my wife. I wished that it was still open.

So what are some places that we need to come back to Texarkana?

1Johnny Carino's.  A great place for some unique Italian dishes, Unfortunately, the closest one to us is in Waxahachie.

2. Charcoal Broiler. There were two locations of this Texarkana staple in the 70s and they were famous for their chicken fried steak.

3. Oliver Twist. This restaurant was on Arkansas Boulevard and as a kid it was the fancy place to go out to eat. Unfortunately, it burned down in the 80s.

4. Pizza Inn. This pizza place was on the Arkansas side and had some of the best pizza in my opinion.

5. Monjuni's. This Italian restaurant had a couple of locations when it was in Texarkana. The lasagna and the tomato cheese toast were my favorites and you can still go to one in Shreveport.

6. Bennigan's. The famous Irish eatery was just off the Interstate on the Arkansas side, and I have plenty of great memories of the wonderful and crazy St. Patrick day parties that were there. My guilty pleasure there was the Monte Cristo sandwich.

7. Mr. Gatti's Pizza. The first time I ever saw a true big screen tv was in Mr. Gatti's pizza on Stateline. It was also one of the first places I played video games.

Do you have any more we can add to the list?

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