Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 10. What are you going to get mom for her special day? My mother passed away in 2007, but I still remember visiting her on Mother's Day and giving her flowers and a card. Sometimes, I would take her out to eat and to a movie. But my mother loved flowers, so I always knew I couldn't go wrong by giving her flowers. Plus, I enjoyed showing my thanks, love and appreciation for all she did for me growing up. So the real question is, what does Mom really want for Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day has become one of the biggest holidays for consumer spending. This year, experts predict spending will top more than $20 billion. The Visiting Angels survey found the majority of adult children spend a total of $51-$100 on Mother’s Day gifts.

What gifts do adult children plan to give Mom this year?

• Top gift: a card

• Second: flowers

• Equally tied for third: phone call, dinner out or quality time with them and the children

When moms were asked what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day, they said:

• Equally tied for the top gift: a card and dinner out

• Equally tied for 2nd: homemade gifts and “my kids are so busy, I’d rather have quality time with my family than any gift.”

• Equally tied for 3rd: spa, flowers, phone call

Turns out, Mom is getting a gift she really wants. Studies show more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year! And, sorry dads, more than three in four (77 percent) adult children say they’d rather talk to Mom on the phone. But they agree that she could be a better listener!

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Happy Mother's Day!