It's that time of year again, about midway between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when we try to find something for our dads and hope he does not remember what we got for mom because we spend more on Mom than Dad. If he were to remember and compare the gifts, Dad will discover that Mom is the most important person in the world to us if gifts are the gauge.

A new survey asked what people would do if they could only celebrate Mother's Day OR Father's Day.  Not both.  And an overwhelming majority chose Mom over Dad.  78 percent said they'd celebrate Mother's Day, and just 22 percent would pick Father's Day.

Here are the top five reasons people say their dad will get the shaft:

  1. Mom deserves the attention more.
  2. We feel like we have more in common with our Mom.
  3. She's the one who actually had to give birth.
  4. We just like our mom more.
  5. Mother's Day just feels like a more important holiday.

As far as spending time with her on Mother's Day, 90 percent of people say they do it just because they love her but 22 percent are also afraid of being guilt-tripped if they don't. And 26 percent admit they can only spend about four hours with their mom before she starts driving them nuts.

For my sister and me, we just had an easier time buying for mom than dad. Mom liked kitchen stuff or pretty much anything we liked. Dad, not so much and there are only so many different variations of socks and pants you can get before it becomes not very exciting but dad always smiled and sincerely said "Thank you, girls."

[Source: KRQE]