My mom was awesome. It takes some growing up before we are able to give mom her due appreciation though. For some, it means having children of your own, for others it just takes some living without having your mom as a catch-net to figure out she knew exactly what she was talking about.

In honor of Mother's Day, here are five pieces of mom advice, according to What to Expect online, that turned out to be totally true:

1. This is the best time of your life. Raising young children may be the most difficult time of your life but they are also the best years of your life. It only gets tougher. Think about when your babies start growing up and not needing you as much.

2. It's okay for a baby to cry a little. I never had children but I have heard this a lot. First time moms can't hardly stand to leave their babies in the crib crying. Mom's advice is to let them cry because it would help make the baby less dependent and more easy-going in the long run. Obviously, my mom didn't follow this advice. LOL

3. You have to make time for yourself. Getting out and about for any reason will help make you a better mom. Patience is important and it doesn't come easy. Being less stressed will make everyone around you happier.

4. This too shall pass. The calmness with which my mom would say this statement was amazing. She had been through so much and right she was. Eventually, it all passes one way or another.

5. You can't be perfect. Learning from your mistakes will make you a better person, but you will never be perfect.

There are many other things that my mom told me about that I remembered later -- when it finally dawned on me that she was right so out of the blue I would call her and tell her she was right. I'm sure she loved those moments. I wish she was still here so I could call her.