Summer time is here and what better way to spend your summer than at the lake. Weather it be a good day on the lake fishing or just cruising around we want to know where you like to spend your 'lake time'.

Millwood Lake just a short drive from Texarkana Millwood is known primarily as a fishing lake because of its stumps. As you can see in the picture it has a few extra inhabitants as well.

Lake Wright Patman or Texarkana lake as its known is a lake for fishing and recreation. As a kid I remember fishing with my dad on the lake and then getting to do a little water skiing.

Greeson or Narrows as most of us know it is know primarily as a recreational lake. With great spots all around the lake for skiing and just tooling around in your party barge, this is Texarkana's home away from home. I remember that most of the folks I run into at the lake seem to be from good ol t town.

Broken Bow lake just a short drive from Texarkana is a hidden gem in Broken Bow lake. A very picturesque and serene setting and is a great spot to fish and as you can see in the picture do a little surfing.

Did we leave out your favorite lake? Let us know in the comments.

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