Just in time for your date this weekend! Find out what your shoes are telling your new potential man. Or maybe it's a girls' night out and you need to send the right message to that guy you've had your eye on. Find out how to say it all with your shoes.According to YourTango.com, your shoes tell your date a lot about you. Here's what men think about you when they see your shoes:

Flat Shoes: Girls in flats are practical and like to be comfortable. Flip-flops make it seem like you don't really care about the opinions of others.

Ballet Shoes: These shoes are extremely feminine. They are chic and fun at the same time. Girls in ballet shoes are also practical but a little more girly.

High Heels: High heels make you look sexy and confident. Guys love this, not to mention their love for long legs.

Colors and Patterns: Girls in colored or patterned shoes like to have a good time and maybe even get a little wild. These girls are unique, extroverted, and not afraid to try something new.

Black Shoes: Black shoes make you appear down-to-earth and a little quiet. Girls who wear black shoes may be a little more conservative.

Knee-High Boots: Girls who wear knee-high boots are daring and want to be noticed.

Sneakers: Sneaker girls are athletic and love to be outdoors. They are down-to-earth and care about their comfort -- not about what other people think.

So what do you think Jesse J's shoes (pictured above) were saying about her when she wore them to the UK Premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never?