What Kind Of Storm Are You?
We have all seen the random post on Facebook, that seem to know all about you, but this one got it all right just from my name.
Her Secrets are in the Purse
If you want to learn anything and everything about a woman, take a quick look into her purse. I don't mean pilfer through it! That'll get your hand slapped. I mean take notice of how organized or unorganized her purse is. Are there certain items inside?
What Your Sneeze Says About You
How do you sneeze? If you sneeze like this: "itchoo" you're probably the sensitive type. But if you let rip with one that sounds like this: "Waaa-choo." then you're probably a leader of men and women.
Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
Today is "Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day." While is probably isn't practicable to wear your PJs today, this is a great time to analyze what your choice in bedtime apparel says about you.
What Your Work Space Says About You
Your work area speaks volumes about who you really are. Whether it is your spot to pay bills at home or your area at work, the stuff on and around your special spot is a direct reflection of your personality.
What Your Favorite Shape Says About You
The shape that appeals to you the most says a lot about who you are and what is going on in your life. Do you relate more to round, square, oblong shapes. Pick your favorite then read what it says about you.
What Do Your Shoes Say About You?
Just in time for your date this weekend! Find out what your shoes are telling your new potential man. Or maybe it's a girls' night out and you need to send the right message to that guy you've had your eye on. Find out how to say it all with your shoes.
Lips Appreciation Day
According to psychic lip reader and author Maxine Albert, "Your personality shines through your lip print. To find out what your lips prints say, apply dark lipstick, then kiss a sheet of paper."  Then compare it to the following categories.

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