What businesses do we need in Texarkana? That was the 'What Do You Think' Wednesday question.

The answers on Facebook were pretty interesting.


That was just a small sample of the answers we had so here are the most liked posts.
1. Better Paying Jobs was at the top of our most liked comment. We have a few good-paying jobs in this town but there is a big shortage of Industrial jobs. With Texarkana being located in a very central location and major highways here and more on the way, I say an Amazon distribution center would be a great fit.

2. Dave and Busters made our list on multiple comments and is a cool idea. It is a restaurant with great food, a sports bar atmosphere with an arcade with games for all ages.

3. HEB is a 110-year-old Texas-based grocery store. HEB is one of the largest independently owned grocery stores. They even offer great deals and recipes on their site for every occasion.

4. An all hours daycare. A daycare that stays open after 6 pm or is more in sync with some of our shift workers. A large number of us do not work a typical 8 until 5 jobs and a daycare that would be open for those shift worker folks would be a great addition.

5. Something more for the kids to do.  We have a couple of places for the kids to go, like the bowling alley, the small arcade and putt-putt golf in the mall. 2 Jump places and we even have the putt-putt golf and go-carts out on 71 heading towards Ashdown but there was plenty of comments for us to have more. What would you like to see for the kids to do?

Did we leave one business off of the list? Comment and let us know what we need to add to the list.

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