Take a look inside the Hotel Grim with this video tour put together in support of efforts to restore and revive life in Downtown Texarkana. We are proud to be supporters of "Better Block Texarkana", and Main Street Texarkana. Watch these videos and learn more.

Help support Better Block Texarkana in the effort to revitalize our downtown as we get ready to Take Back Broad Street. An event designed to bring life into the streets of downtown Texarkana May 10, 2014.

With all of the recent focus on the possibilities of the future of the Historic Hotel Grim many people have been inquiring on tours of the property, but with liabilities the way they are, it is just not possible at this time, but recently a small group toured parts of the property, and this is the video...

From the website texarkanalive.com,

Better Block Texarkana is a project focused on changing the story about our downtown.  On May 10th, we are taking back Broad Street in the heart of downtown Texarkana.  For one day, we are inviting local and regional businesses to call downtown their home by temporarily setting up stores & restaurants in a place they once thrived.  We are hoping that through this effort, our community will continue a conversation about what our downtown could be and begin the process of taking ownership of its future.

For more information on the plans for May 10, and Better Block Texarkana visit TexarkanaLive.com.