Every rose sends a different message. The color you choose can make a big difference.  Mixing colors doesn't get you off the hook of their meaning either.  A mixture of certain colors also sends a specific message.  Ask your florist for assistance but if you insist on going it alone, read on for colors and meanings.

Rose Color Meanings:

Red - romantic love.

Dark Red - deep passion.

White - purity, new beginnings, secrecy.

Orange - passion.

Pink - admiration, appreciation, sweetness, happiness.

Yellow - joy, friendship, welcome home, .

Lavender - love at first sight, enchantment.

Peach - gratitude, appreciation, sincerity.

Blue - impossible, unattainable.

Turquoise - fertility, calmness.

Dead Roses - whatever the color, It's OVER!

Mixed Colors Meanings:

White + Yellow = harmony.

Red + Yellow = happiness, celebration.

Red + White = bonding, harmony.

If a guy sends you a single red rose it could mean that he loves you but doesn't want to go broke on a dozen roses. A single rose of any color is a great way to say "thank you." If you get 2 roses entwined, it could be a marriage proposal!