When it comes to your Christmas tree, are you traditional and put up a real tree or are you like most of us and use a fake tree?

When it comes to Christmas trees at my house the fake trees are the way we go for sure. With a fake tree, we get a consistent shape and color and if we have treated it right all of the lights are still working. I vaguely remember one of my friends having a real tree in their house and the smell of the tree was the most distinct thing I remember.

The site realsimple.com has a great article that goes into detail about the big differences between real and fake Christmas trees, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Real Trees

Rows of douglas fir Christmas trees at local Christmas tree farm.

Here are the positives. The great smell, they are easily recycled, it is a part of creating family traditions. If you are looking for a tree, Lisa wrote a story that has all of the places in and around Texarkana to find a tree here.

Gifts in front of Christmas tree
Max Oppenheim

The negatives are that they are high maintenance and require watering, can be a possible fire hazard and are sometimes hard to dispose of when Christmas is over.

Fake Trees

Woman putting ornaments on Christmas tree

The advantages are a low fire risk, and low maintenance, except for the initial clean-up of all of those needles when you first "fluff" the tree. The biggest positive is that you can customize your tree to your home, from skinny short trees to big full majestic trees it is your choice and you will not have to look far and wide to find a real tree that meets your specific needs.

Farmhouse style Christmas background with decorated tree and decor objects
Kristen Prahl

The negatives are it is the same tree pulled out of a bag, and the family tradition of looking for the perfect Christmas tree is not necessary. In my case, all of my trees were thrown away because the lights stopped working. And when it does come time to get rid of that tree the environmental impact is big since they are plastic. So are you a real tree or a fake tree person?

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