With Christmas just 11 days away, what is the most popular Christmas song in Arkansas and Texas?

Christmas this year is a little different. We usually have a station that is playing Christmas music, but this year I will have to get my Christmas music somewhere else. For those that do not know our am station has been shut down permanently and that was our source for most of our Christmas tunes.

Don't get me wrong we will have Christmas music on our stations, just not the 24-hour non-stop variety. When it comes to Christmas music it is what gets you ready for the Christmas season. From the brand new takes on the classic to some of the standards like Bing Crosby and Bobby Helms.


Finanacebuzz.com did a study to find out the most popular Christmas son in each state and I can say their results were refreshing. This is how they came up with their list:

To get a better sense of which songs are most and least likely to brighten shoppers’ moods, FinanceBuzz used Google Trends to find the most popular Christmas song in every state. We also surveyed more than 1,200 U.S. adults on the most annoying Christmas songs.

So what songs are on the list for our area?


.For Texas it is the classic "Feliz Navidad" from Jose Feliciano. It was also the most popular in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and California.



Chuck Berry and Run Rudolph Run is the most popular song in Arkansas. It is also the most popular in Indiana, South Carolina, and Kentucky

I was actually surprised that the most popular songs were pretty different from last year. What is your favorite Christmas song?

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