Texarkana is unique that it is a city that is made up of Texas and Arkansas. The site Dumb Laws has some pretty crazy laws that still exist in the great state of Texas.

Do you know it is illegal to sell your eyeball? That has got to be on of the grossest things ever.

You cannot milk your neighbor's cow. This one needs no explaining.

Before taking a public office you must acknowledge a supreme being. I'm not sure what they want you to do exactly, tell them you believe in God, or just Zenu or some other being, this is a little confusing.

There is a new law that criminals have to give you 24 hours notice if they are going to commit a crime against you. This is so dumb.

In El Paso, it is illegal to urinate in the street. I know from an incident from way back in my youth that it is also illegal in Texarkana as well.

Oh, and if you have the old school Encyclopedia Britannica at home it is illegal as well. Why because it has a recipe for making your own beer.

Talk about your crazy laws.



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