The band 'The Misfits' help Hopkins Icehouse bring in Oktoberfest Saturday night.

 The band is mad up of the following members Derek Comley, Corey Howe and The Dead Flowers, Ha-Foo, Noah Caveny and Ryan O'Hara.

 The band says they sound like Tom Waits, Stray Cats, Kings Of Leon, Django Reinhardt, Carlos Santana

Here is a little biography on the band and its members.Derek Comley has been compared to legends like Tom Waits and The Stray Cats. His stage presence has been known to cause divorce papers to be filed. Corey Howe and the Dead Flowers are one of the most dynamic groups in the new music market. Their incredible stage show keeps the crowd screaming for more. Ha-Foo is a dynamic rock/latin jazz combo that will make you want to smoke something for medicinal purposes. Noah Caveny is a celebrated Texas singer songwriter recently relocated to Nashville. With his hit song "Leaving Fayetteville" he is a hot act. New comer Ryan O'Hara has promise with his composing talents.

Hopkins Icehouse is located at 3rd and Wood Street in downtown Texarkana.