The Greater Texarkana Young Professionals will have their first networking mixer tonight.

This will be a chance for people to network and meet and talk with Texarkana's young professionals. Here is what the GTYP had to say about this event:

Join us for our first networking event of the year at Texas A&M University - Texarkana and learn more about GTYP!

The event will begin at 5 pm at Texas A&M Texarkana, 7101 University Avenue Texarkana Texas.

For those who do not know the Greater Texarkana Young Professionals is a committee of the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce that promotes the retention, education, and growth of diverse young professionals in the Texarkana region through professional and social immersion.

As an organization the GTYP mission emphasizes contributing to the growth of the community, Greater Texarkana Young Professionals is inviting all residents of Texarkana to learn about the numerous nonprofit organizations in our area. The Texarkana community has a diverse group of nonprofits that focus on such issues as domestic violence, animal cruelty, hunger, literacy, and many more.

Members of Greater Texarkana Young Professionals are interested in actively pursuing philanthropic efforts but need a way to actively engage with all the possible channels in the community. This idea sparked enthusiasm to have the same opportunity available to all residents of the greater Texarkana area.

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