The Texarkana Independent School District sent a notice to all parents at the middle school, which is 7th and 8 th grade that there is a positive case of COVID on campus.

Here is what the school district had to say about the positive test.

The health and safety of TISD students, staff and community are a top priority. You are receiving this required notification letter because there is a student on campus that has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Texas Education Agency requires that the school district notify all parents and guardians when they have a confirmed positive COVID-19 case on campus. This does not mean that your student was in close contact and exposed to COVID-19. Any individuals in the school that were determined to be in close contact with the student have already been notified. The health department has been notified as required.

Per TEA, close contact is defined as

a) being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on)

b) being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes; however, additional factors like case/contact masking (i.e., both the infectious individual and the potential close contact have been consistently and properly masked), ventilation, presence of dividers and case symptomology may affect this determination.

Either (a) or (b) defines close contact if it occurred during the infectious period of the case, defined as two days prior to symptom onset to 10 days after symptom onset. In the case of asymptomatic individuals who are lab-confirmed with COVID-19, the infectious period is defined as two days prior to the confirming lab test and continuing for 10 days following the confirming lab test.

While the school district do not have reason to believe those who were not in close contact with the infected individual have reason to be concerned, we ask that you as always, watch for symptoms of COVID-19.

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