It's back to school time and as we all know our children need more protection and better protection after the events that took place in Uvalde, Texas back in May. That's why the TISD Board of Trustees had a special board meeting Thursday, August 11.

How Many Police Officers Will TISD Have Now?

On the agenda? To approve two additional police officer positions. This will bring the total number of full-time police officers to nine for the Texarkana Independent School District.

The TISD Police Department also has four security officers.

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Mindy Gennings the principal at Wake Village Elementry stated in a press release;

We appreciate the TISD Board of Trustees for being proactive regarding the safety of our students and staff.

Texarkana ISD Chief of Police Brad Irvin stated;

  I am extremely excited to be able to add two additional police officers for the safety and security of our elementary campuses. The enhanced visibility of the officers will allow us to continue our focus on protecting students and staff, while bringing another level of support to students by building relationships with them that foster positive growth and development.

When Will These Positions be Filled?

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The elementary school campuses won't have to wait very long for these positions to be filled as they will be hired immediately.

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