This stray dog wandered around the woods near a campground at Wright Patman Lake for over a week looking for food and water. Campers at Rocky Point left food and water for the dog but couldn't offer any shelter from the potential storm of Harvey headed our way.

Since I run a dog rescue for German Shepherds, I started receiving messages from people telling me about this dog so I decided to check it out on my way home from work.

I rarely find wandering dogs on my first try and when I left my house for work on this particular morning, I was not prepared for loading up stray dogs in my vehicle. I didn't have a dog crate or a slip leash. Not to mention having no plan for where he can go after catching him. Sometimes you just have to go with it.

Look at those ears!

My treats must have smelled amazing because he came right to me although he was a bit skittish at first.


Once we shook hands, he was ready to go.

Another rescue friend came out to help me transport him to the vet to be checked out. I now have a couple of days to figure out where he can go once he is released from the vet's office. No pressure right.

He seems like a really good dog, knows sit and shake and was very good on a leash. He looks to be around 4 years old. I see a mix of shepherd and catahoula breeds.